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Birthdate:Sep 28
Choose Life. Choose a hobby. Choose an avocation. Choose a writer's group. Choose a fucking fast laser printer. Choose magazine subscriptions, pens, mp3 playlists and paper by the box. Choose good ergonomics, split keyboards, and repetitive stress injury. Choose WorldCon membership payment plans. Choose a story tracker. Choose your friends. Choose LiveJournal and RSI feeds to Neil Gaiman. Choose a Dell all in one laptop with Windows XP and Microsoft Word. Choose wordcount dailies and wondering who the fuck you are on a Sunday morning. Choose sitting on that chair watching the first time you understood what death was become material in your next sure to hit the pro markets novelette. Choose scaring the shit out of people who don't understand writers as you hit the bottle, talk about imaginary people as if they were talking to you right now, and admire your wall of rejections.

Choose your future.

Choose Life.
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